Here's what Dualriver
can do for you...

  • Website Development
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Customer Intelligence Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Security Assessment

Website Development

Here at Dual River we have years of experience in website development, and love nothing more than working with you to create a website that promotes your business in exactly the right way.

We provide clear designs and use your input to ultimately produce a product which presents your business to consumers in the best way possible.

Network Design and Implementation

We understand that a secure and reliable network is the key to the success of any business and can help you to create one which includes all the features you require.

Our highly qualified systems engineers provide network consulting and management, including LAN, WAN, and VPN integrations, data back-up and restore, wireless and remote access, security assessments, managed services, network monitoring, integration and systems upgrades.

Customer Intelligence Software

A field in which our bespoke software shines is in enabling you to understand your existing customers and their needs, whilst also allowing you to identify new customers.

We can provide you with comprehensive analysis of your client base, and also of possible business leads, allowing you to communicate with existing and potential customers quickly without having to waste valuable time sifting through lots of data.


We know that although there have been many advances in the methods that businesses use to communicate with their customers, many people like the security and convenience of speaking to someone on the phone.  We have experience in bringing voice communications into the modern age by building platforms incorporating technologies and features such as VoIP, dynamic IVR, hardware and software phones and cloud-hosted management interfaces.

Security Assessment

We understand that your network contains sensitive information about your business and your clients, and we know that it is vital that this information is protected.  With this in mind, we can provide customers with a comprehensive assessment of the security of their systems including penetration testing, vulnerability testing, black box/white box testing, physical security, and general security assessments.

We can also help you fortify your defences against security issues, and have experience in helping companies gain PCI accreditation.