Who We Are

Curious about us? We don't blame you.

Our Story

We're a simple company, with a straightforward vision. We believe that getting IT right is key to running a successful business, and we've seen powerful results from simple changes - as well as what can happen if things aren't right. Our collective experience means that we're readily able to assist with planning and execution on almost any area of your IT projects - from simply creating a business website, to planning and securely implementing multi-office Wide Area Networks.

We picked the name Dualriver because it means a lot to us. As well as being symbolic of the city we're based in (the Ouse and the Foss converge in York), it symbolises working together. Historically, rivers are where villages, cities and even civilisations began - and we think that we can help your business build a lasting legacy, too.

What we've got to offer

We've had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, and we've collected a lot of skills along the way that we'd love to put to use for you. We've got extensive programming skills, including strong web development experience. We're also adept at managing network and server installations, in addition to maintaining standard business platforms such as email and telecommunications.

In short, if a computer can do it, we can probably make it happen.